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Monday, July 25, 2011

Way to hot!

So, I have had enough of the heat.  You will never find me complaining about the cold.  Yes, sometimes it makes me hurt a bit, but honestly, I would rather have to add another layer of clothing or some thermal underwear than to deal with the 100 + degree weather and the 99 % humidity.  It is horrible when even with air conditioning, you can sit inside your house and sweat.  I can not imagine what it would be like to have no air conditioning, or heaven forbid, be that person having to work outside.  I walk out my front door, and immediately I am soaking wet with sweat.   I can not drink enough water to keep myself hydrated to make a difference.  Before long my face is bright red and the sweat has stopped, apparently nothing left to sweat, hello,  all of the water is just hanging in the air.  All this occurred in the 25 steps from my front door to my car, lol.  Thank goodness for air conditioned cars and that is actually works. I had to drive from Delaware at the beach where I live to visit my family in Pennsylvania, where I am from.  Oh yeah, beach is not cool when it is that hot.  Sand makes it about 100 times hotter, you can actually get blisters on your feet.  You can not look cute, while trying to avoid burning your feet on the sand, to try and get to the water, which by now is also boiling.  Ok, guess you have the picture, lol.
Ok, back to the car, I am now in my car, with the ac on at full blast. I am driving and in the first 20 minutes of my travels, my son and I notice even the cars are fighting back from the heat.  One of them has caught fire and now, the volunteers of the local fire department are desperately trying to cool it off and kill the flames that are trying to take over.  No one was hurt, and thank goodness for the brave men and women who give up their time to help others, and of course on this particular day, there ability to stay cool.  I am thinking at this point screw the car, turn the hose on yourself and stay cool, only problem is since they have to use a special foam to put the fire out, so no water, just heat, man, we sure don't need that.
So, as we get through this disaster, traffic breaks and we start rolling.  Music is going, conversation is good and we just keep trekking.  My son is excited about going up "home" to visit his friends.  He is telling me that they are thinking about walking downtown that night when we get there, hanging outside.  I am thinking, you are completely off your rocker, but I always think in means of my disease, my meds, everything has changed because of that.  When I was 15, I probably would have done the same thing.    Then as we are driving a little while my son says, "mom, look at that" and points at my cars external thermometer.  It is now reading 108 degrees.  Yeah it is only getting better.  It was the highest it reached, 108,  but for a bit, I honestly thought I lived in Hell.    We finally made it to PA, only stopping once at a roadside fruitstand to grab a watermelon fro my son's friends family, but just that few minutes out of the car was enough.  I was now trying to derive a vision of how to make a air conditioned expandable and flexible hallway so I will not have to step our of the air conditioning again.  Ok, yeah, I know, I can dream.  Well, let me say, the entire weekend was primarily the same.  To hot to breath, but I did what I could.  Sunday, I did go to a Memorial Motorcycle ride for a friend of mine who past away in March.  Over 394 motorcycles taking a ride to memorialize a wonderful man who past away at the age of 36, way before he should have.  An awesome sight to see.  Plus I got to take my grandson with me and he had a ball seeing all the motorcycles.   I am incredibly tired and worn out.  I am hoping the heat breaks, but all in all this weekend was good.  Now, if I can get through this next week which will be difficult due to the loss of a very dear friend a year ago on Wednesday.  I will be sharing pictures of the awesome memorial ride soon.  And of course tomorrow is Ten on Tuesday.  Thinking of the top ten ways to cool off!!!!.  Til the next time people, gentle hugs!

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