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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!!!! 7-26-2011

I AM HOT!!!  If you have not gotten that with the last post, I guess you have now, and I will say it again, I AM HOT!!!!.  The major issue is, most of the medicine I am on, has a small print disclaimer, avoid sun exposure or extended heat.  So my best friend is my air conditioner.  However, there are times when even that is not enough. What else is there to help you cool down, well of course, today is Ten on Tuesday and here are my top ten ways to help cool down on an extra hot day.

1.  Cool Shower--- remember, cool, not cold.   Shocking your body is going to do nothing for you other than make it work to get it back up to it's "normal" temperature, so it will end up making you hotter.
2.  Ice/cold compresses--- On the back of your neck or your forehead, especially if you tend to get headaches, it will help tremendously.
3.  Dip in the pool---  I used to be a fish to water.  I love to swim.  I would be in the water constantly if I could, however it incredibly wears me out, but man just sitting in the pool, in the shade or under and umbrella is awesome.
4.  A hammock under a tree---  Take a nap, read a book, or simply relax.  It is awesome.
5.  A snow cone--- brings back memories of going to a local open air market with my grandfather as a kid.  I always got blue raspberry, always made a mess, but it always helped me cool off.  I love it
6.  Ice cream---  who does not love ice cream, have it for dinner on a hot day.  The kids will think you lost your mind, but once in a while, it is ok, and you know what it is going to help cool everyone off and have fun!!!
7.  Run through a hose---  ok, you can walk, or crawl or what ever you need to get through it.  But remember as a kid how great it was to run through a hose shower, or get sprayed while mom or dad were washing the car. take a few minutes and throw yourself back in time, recruit your kids or friends and have a blast. Maybe even get your car washed in the process.
8.  Drink Cold Water--- I drink all the time, side effect of the diabetes.  However, when you are hot, drinking cold water will help cool you down.  Make sure you are drinking more than you normally do.  When it is hot, keeping yourself hydration is very important, might not keep you cool, but will keep you out of the hospital.
9.  Have a cold dinner---  When it is hot, I hate to eat hot food.  Here is a couple of ideas I use for dinner.  One, a salad, summer is awesome for this.  All the fresh veggies at less expensive prices a salad is quick, filling and good for you.  Another option, a salad plate.  Pick up a couple different salads at your local deli such as macaroni salad, potato salad, ham salad, egg salad, tuna salad, or you can make them yourself.  Place 3 lettuce leafs on a plate, use a ice cream scoop and place a scoop of 3 different salads on each lettuce leaf and slice some tomatoes and serve on the plate with crackers.
10.  Soak your feet in peppermint water.  Mint is cooling and soothing.  Your feet can really help regulate your body temperature.  Place cool water in a old dish pan or container big enough for your feet, add a few drops of peppermint oil and relax.

There are many people that would say there are other ways to cool down.  I can also think of many others, but since I am limited in my ability to do a lot of things that are taxing on the body, I have to do the easy stuff. Now if I was not dealing with the fibro and hemicrania continua I would definitely do some of the following:
1.  Waterpark
2.  Water Skiing
3   Swim in the Ocean
4.  Tubing
5.  Kayaking
I am sure I am missing some stuff, but you get the idea.
What do you do to stay cool?
What summer food brings back childhood memories?
Well, I hope you can find something to help cool you off.  Take it easy and take care of yourself.  Until the next time, Gentle hugs.


  1. A great list of ways to stay cool. Man, I need a sno-cone machine seriously =)

  2. Kely, What great suggestions! I wish I had a pool, I would probably be in it until I turned into a raisen. My fav summer treat this year are freeze pops and popsicles. Cools you from the inside out!

    Stay cool!