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Monday, June 27, 2011


So, I am in shock and overly excited and then I sure feel dumb and frustrated with myself.  All of this in the matter of about 5 minutes.  So are you wondering why yet?  Well, I was so excited and shocked to come on my blog after a week of craziness and not being able to get here to see so many awesome comments from people.  Then, I realize, I totally missed the awesome chance I had with #commenthour.  How the heck could I forget I signed up for that and had a chance to be featured?  Well, I know how I could forget, It is called fibro-fog.  It is when this awesome everyday unrelenting condition of fibromyalgia starts to effect your brain function.  The once normal person, the one that could answer the phone, listen to the radio, run something through a computer program and answer a coworker all at the same time while remembering everything she was supposed to be doing, can not remember what she had for breakfast 3 hours ago.  How was I supposed to remember that I signed up to be part of #commenthour when I did it 3 days before hand.  (I only know that because I looked it up, lol)  I have to tell you, the fibrofog is probably the worst thing for me.  I am a control freak.  I like things to be on time and in order.  I was always the one to handle the finances because I could tell you to the penny how much each bill was, the date it was due, which paycheck the money to pay it would come out of, and so on.  I had recipes memorized, I worked at a place where I had to memorize fire company unit designaters,  EMS designators, geography, ten codes, phonetic alphabet and operating proceduress.  Now, it have a hard time remembering when to take my medicine or that I have a doctors appointment.  It is a combination of things.  First of all in general, you become a bit fuzzy.  When you are in constant pain, it is hard to concentrate.  So it is just a basic thing that you don't always function mentally and cognitively as well as before.  Then, there are all the medicines.  Each one of the medicines I take for my fibromyalgia and co-morbid diseases, has a warning with it, either, causes drowsiness or dizziness.  Ok, so if you are totally doped up all the time, of course you are not going to function in the best capacity.  But if you have any idea of how the pain is, with the medicine, you may actually have a somewhat manageable pain level, without the medicine, you would be so out of your mind, you could not be able to assist in any fashion.   It is basically 6 of one and 1/2 dozen of the other.  High pain levels and incapacitated from the pain, or meds that help to regulate the pain, but make you tired or dizzy, or nauseated.  I will tell you, there are times when I have to not take doses of my medicines so I can function enough to get stuff done.  If we have an appointment during the day, morning medicines are out.  If I am going to be driving to dinner, early evening medicines are not taken.  Sometimes, you have to decide the pain is worth the outcome of what is going to happen.  So needless to say.  I am so thankful to #commenthour for featuring my blog.  I am also very happy that you so enjoyed the recipes and information that you read on my page.  I truly hope to be able to be at #commenthour this week.  I would love to chat with you and answer questions.  If anyone thinks about it, maybe you can do something for the forgetful old lady I have become and add a comment to my page to remind me.  Thank you all for reading my blog.  Thank you for your awesome comments.  Please check back, I will be adding my 10 on Tuesday shortly and I am hoping to figure out the subject tomorrow.  Again, Thank you very much.

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  1. LOL.i have a note pad by every phone ,one in my purse and a reminder program on my laptop and i still forget whats right in front of me.sometimes this symptom bothers me more than the pain and exhaustion.