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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Exceptions to the rule « Painy Days & Mondays

Exceptions to the rule « Painy Days & Mondays

This is a follow up from yesterday's posts about what not to say to someone in chronic pain. I hope you have taken time to read that post on the noted blog. Now I urge you to read this as well. I have recently met the author of this newsletter blog on twitter and talk daily with her. She had received numerous responses from other co-tweeters in regards to her post. Many of them upset with themselves for being among the people who have said the "wrong" thing. We all know that people that we love make the statements in the previous blog, many of them actually mean something different coming from those close to us. This now explains that point of view coming directly from one of us, a fellow fibro fighter or spoonie or whatever you wish to call yourself.

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