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Monday, May 2, 2011


Does anyone else have really bad flares after traveling.  I have never really been a big travel person.  Don't like being in a car for long periods of time.  I can never sleep, never have been able to, even as a kid.  Now, the issue is, we have moved about 3 hours from our family.  We find ourselves driving home to visit quite often.  My husband often works crazy hours so many times if we plan a visit, we end up taking two cars or he drives up to PA and I drive home.  This allows him to sleep since we usually end up coming home really late and we all know that I am up at that time.  But over the Easter holiday I had to do the driving since he had to work for most of it and was not able to help so let me tell you how it went.

Thursday before Easter ---- 3 1/2 hours driving to PA with my son.
Friday night ----3 hours back home with my mom and my sister, traffic was not quite as bad.
Saturday --- at least 3 hours in car off and on getting stuff ready for Easter on Sunday.
Saturday night --- made tacos for the rest of the family that arrived, my dad, my two sons and my grandson plus my mom, sister, husband and me.
Sunday --- Made Easter Dinner (by now I am exhausted and barely able to stand but I keep pushing because I want it to be a good holiday.)
Sunday evening---everyone leaves except for my mom and they head back to PA, and I just fall over on the couch.
Monday ---- We are in the car again for over 3 hours showing my mom around to some of the local shops.  Thank goodness my husband is off work and goes with us to drive.  I vegetate in the back seat of the van, and very slowly get in and out when we get to the shops.
Tuesday --- off to PA again with my mom, 3  1/2 hours later she is home, I rest there for about an hour and back in the van to come home.
Wed and Thurs I basically tried not to move much and relax.
Friday, it was back in the car and back to PA to pick up my youngest son.  This was after having a really restless night of sleep and being up at 8 am.  We were in PA until almost 10:30 pm and headed home.  By now I can barely sit.  Each bump is jarring every part of my body.  I really wanted to just be out of the car.  Finally home at about 1:30 am and of course I could not sleep.  Pain level was close to a 50 and nothing helped it.
So here is the question, I know I overdid it.  I will never do that again unless it is an emergency, which I will hope will never happen.
Do you have trouble when you travel?
Do you have something you do to help your pain when traveling?
Do you drive a lot and if so what are your secrets?

I am still paying for pushing myself.  Sometimes it is worth it.  My family means the world to me.  I have always lived very close to my family.  The farthest we have lived from one another my whole life til now has been about 20 minutes and that is my sister, but she only worked 3 minutes from my house.  My parents lived 2 doors from my house until 6 years ago then they lived 5 mins away.  My grandparents lived across the street from us while I grew up.  My Mother-in-Law only lived at most 1 mile away.  I will tell you up until we moved in August of this year, I lived on the same block, in the same city that I lived on my entire life.  I came home from the hospital to one address, moved across the street into an apartment when I got married, then moved back to the same side of the street as my parents when we bought our house.  So being this far for me is quite a leap of faith and a huge change.  The stress has been elevated, and I miss my hometown and my family.  The only thing is I now live 3 blocks from the beach, so that makes things a bit better.  I talk to my mom often and text my oldest son as much as he will text back.  Sometimes changes alter your life greatly, but you have to move on.  So I guess I will continue to do the drive back and forth, hope that they come down here more often, and realize that I have to be careful at how often I make the drive.
Well life goes on and I will feel better or worse eventually, this is life with Fibro.  I just have to remember that I have Fibro, but it does not have me.

Now I am going to try and sleep, hoping all had a good sleep or get a good sleep.  Take Care.

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