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Monday, May 2, 2011

It has to be a good day!

Good Morning all!
    Ok, well we all know it is Monday and that is not one of the best days of the week but there are some good things about today.  Our men and women in uniform have taken down Osama Bin Laden.  He is dead and we can celebrate this.  We also need to pray for the men and women in uniform and their families for all the sacrifices they have made to bring this day upon us.  We also need to pray for all the people that the war has affected in their home land and hope that with this it may start to bring them some peace and stability.  Also, spring is right around the corner and weather is starting to warm up.  The flowers are blooming, the trees are turning green and the world is coming alive again.  We can sit and think that it is a bad day because it is another day we have pain, or we can be thankful that at least we are in comfortable place with the ability to make contact with others like us for support.  Please remember to take small steps, rest often, listen to your body and know you are doing all you can.  Every little bit helps and gets you to where you need to be and if it is a rough day, don't be hard on yourself. Have cereal or leftovers for dinner, ask for help and there is always tomorrow to get stuff done.

Gentle Hugs to all today and rock it all people.  We will win this fight as long as we stick together.

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