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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Re-Learn, Release, Relax

A new day, some sleep, and the sun is shining.  I think I am going to go try and enjoy it a bit.  The warm sun always makes you smile no matter what is wrong.   Now just trying to gather enough energy to get it done.  Also need groceries and to pay bills.  To of my most dreaded chores.  I think it may be because I know money does not grow on trees and it is money trees I need in order to deal with both, lol.  I guess I should say almost all chores around the house are dreaded because I barely have the energy to do them.  I have learned that it does not have to be perfect, (ok well I am still working on that.)    Making it day by day with this new condition is not what I want.  I want my old life.  I want to run from sun up to sun down, to have all the energy I ever need and the ability to take care of my family like I used to.  I try my best to remain positive and do all I can.  So for today I am going to push myself.  I need the sun, I need to feel human, I need to feel like I accomplished something.  I need to feel like the old me.  I need to keep moving on!

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  1. and as I reread this I notice my mistakes in wording and spelling. Imagine that. Just another one of those great things about this condition. Your brain function slows, it becomes foggy and sometimes you can't even form complete thoughts. So as of now, I apologize if things go in circles or are a bit choppy. This is my life, and you have to love it!