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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Re-Learn, Release, Relax

Ok, well it is about that time. Took the pharmacy counter full of meds that are supposed to keep the pain at bay. Most of the time they do a decent job, of course, that is after they make me a bit loopy. Loopy is much better than pain though. Now time to settle down for bed, not like I have not been here all day. You really learn to like a few rooms in your house with this condition. My favorite room in my house used to be my kitchen. I love to cook and bake. When I have extra energy, and at Christmas time (energy or not), I will be there baking away or making a home cooked meal. Now, it is my bedroom, I like my soaking tub too. Sometimes that helps. At least everyone knows where to find me. My son would kid with me and say if it is not in my room, or the Doctor's it would be Walmart. (I have to get my medicine somewhere).
I would like to hear from some of you out there. Tell me what helps you. What medicine are you taking? Is there special activities you do that help with the pain? Right now the main medicine I take is Cymbalta. I am not a drug rep, nor do I claim to know a whole lot about them, but I can tell you I have tried many different things and found that this one has worked decently for me. It helps not only with the pain threshold but also the depression that is part of the whole imbalance of fibromyalgia. I also moved about 8 months ago from PA to DE very close to the beach. Last year at the end of the summer simply sitting on the beach in the warm sand seemed to help. Maybe it was just that I was relaxed or maybe the rumors of being by the shore makes you feel better. I guess as the warmer weather approaches, I can test that again. Time for sleep now. Please make comments. Feel free to leave information, recipes and questions on here. I would love for this to be a place that everyone feels they can come for help and fellowship. Here is hoping for all a peaceful sleep. : )

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