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Friday, August 5, 2011

Rain Dance!

I am in a severe struggle right now.  The struggle between trying to keep my sense of humor and curling in a ball and crying from the pain.  I just finished a run of steroids to help get the severe headaches I have been dealing with under control.  Well, it did not really work, I am still having the headache.  Now add in, some severe and overbearing pain in the rest of my body, and you will have how my week has been.  I feel like I have been neglecting almost everything.  But in all actuality, no matter what I do, it hurts.  Sitting, standing, laying, typing, watching tv, cooking, walking, all of it results in some sort of pain, or is painful in some way.  So I have avoided adding anything to my blog, typing is painful, but also the screen on the computer is to bright, adding to the headache.  Watching tv is ok for a few minutes but then it starts to hurt my eyes, then the volume begins to annoy me and all adds to the headache.  Both of these require you to either sit or lay.  I can do both for just  a few minutes before the pain, more like severe burning/stabbing pain begins in my hip area. I also have the same burning pain in my arms and legs all the time.  This pain I am feeling is normal for me, but nothing this severe.  I deal with all of this on a regular basis, to a lesser extent, but for some reason, either right now I am just much more susceptible to the pain, or it is just so much worse.  I do know, that when there is a change in the barometric pressure or weather patterns my pain gets 300 times worse.  The weathermen, which we all know we just can not trust, have  told us that it should storm or rain every day this week.  So far, no rain.  I am thinking maybe this is the reason why my pain levels are so out of whack.  The only problem I see, is beyond the fact that it really needs to rain, it has been really nice outside.  Of course, I know you are asking, how would you know?  Well, it would be from my wonderful family telling me how nice it is outside, while I am barely able to walk my butt to the bathroom!  Sometimes they don't really think.  So it is so awesome that is is beautiful out, and it would be awesome time to be over at the beach, not to hot, but no, I am stuck, getting my suntan from the inside since I am on fire from inside.  I think mother nature is now screwing with me.  Is it because I asked her to cool it down a bit and it is summer when it is supposed to be hot, or is it just my imagination?   I am at the point where cutting off all my appendages including my head, would possibly lower my pain levels, but so would, hopefully an amazingly strong thunderstorm.  Which would be easier, and probably a bit cleaner for me, the thunderstorm.  So the only question left is who is available to perform the Rain Dance, because I am not sure I can do it myself, but I would be happy to give it a try.  I am sure someone would at least get a good laugh out of it in the end!

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  1. Ow! Sorry you are in such pain and you can't get out and enjoy the weather. Hope tomorrow is better.