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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!!!! 7-5-2011

Ok, I am running just a few minutes late on getting this on the page, but I am still going to do it.  I am still having a bit of a crazy time with all the medicine changes and the headaches/migraines have been out of control since the doctor has decided to now take away the new medicine and not replace it.  So let me tell you it has been quite a crazy couple of weeks.  Throw in there, the July 4th holiday and visitors at my house from out of town for the last 13 days straight, I am totally wiped out and in need of a massive break.  Don't get me wrong, I loved having friends here, and can't wait til more get here, but we all know, with the exhaustion and pain, you wear out easy and extra people, simply means extra exhaustion.  So today, I have decided to try and make it simple.  I am going to simply show you 10 pictures of my favorite people, that have visited me so far this year!!!

1. My GRANDSON , oh yeah and my son

2. My nieces and nephew

3. My Cousin and her family

this is an older picture, not while they were at my house, but they were not all down at the same time, so I wanted a group picture of them, lol.

4.  My son Donovan's friends Jesse and Christian, both are just like another one of my kids!
5. Will and Mandy, Shaun and Helena  
   my adopted kids.....
6. Ronnie and Damien Finch 
friends of my boys from way back!
7.  Denise Zimmerman and Friends ( Denise is coming down with her kids in less than a week, I can't wait)
8. My Parents!  Ok now this is scary, but this picture is of my parents at my wedding almost 16 years ago.  It is the only one I have.  They hate having their picture taken, lol.
9.  My brother-in-law, his girlfriend and my niece and nephew.  

10. Dan and his family.  I have known Dan since 4th grade.  Pretty funny huh!

Well, that is the top 10, or first 10 visitors to my new house here at the Beach.  I am excited about having more visitors.    The summer is getting booked.  It is nice to be able to have people come down and for the most part, they are awesome about my ability or inability to do things.  I simply tell them use what ever you want and clean up after yourself, lol.  It is cheaper for them, and I get to see people I miss very much!

Just a side note, friends still to come!!!

Holly and family.....I started working with Holly at the 911 center about 10 years ago.  I was talking about my husband's sick uncle one day and she overheard.  His nickname was Uncle Fuzz.  She found it quite strange because her half brothers and sisters had a sick uncle as well, they called him Uncle Fuzz.  Turns out, her half siblings were my husbands cousins,  very small world!!!!  Now we are the best friends, and well in a strange sort of way, family!!!

Linda and family,  Linda was my best friend in kindergarten and all through elementary school and on through school.  She lived right around the corner from me, up until she got married.  So let me see, friends for 35 years  in September.  Pretty Darn amazing.
Well, I am sure there will be more, but for now, this is the list.  Christian will be coming back, as well as my son and grandson.  Will, Mandy, Shaun and Helena also want to come again, hopefully Helena will know then if the baby she is carrying will be a boy or a girl, then I can go shopping!  I know my cousin will be back and hope my mom and dad get down.  Well, such is life at a beach house I guess.  It sure could be a whole lot worse.  I try and remember that when my pain levels are high and I hurt a whole lot.  I just try and remember, it is good that I am in pain, I know I am alive!!!  Gentle hugs to all.  

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