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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday 7-19-2011

What would be the exciting thing to talk about today on the Ten on Tuesday.  I was thinking about the ten things I miss doing the most since I have hit rock bottom with my fibro, but, that , is
just sad.  I still do all I can and have to concentrate on that, right!!!   So I decided it was going to have to be a little bit more upbeat.  Then I thought, how upbeat can being stuck in bed be, and yes, lately, I have had alot more stuck in bed time, then get up and go time.  So here it is.  When I am stuck in bed, what are my ten go to things to keep me busy, and these are the answers.

1.  Facebook----my outlet to the real world.  This is my connectivity to all that is going on with my friends and family.  I have to tell you though, you must be careful  Do not let it drag you into the drama that some people use it for.  That will only add stress to you that you don't need.
2.  Twitter--- I have found an amazing group of people on twitter, my fellow #spoonies, that I tweet with, ask questions of, reply to, and simply learn from.
3.  Lifetime Movies----yes, you have to love them.  On the weekend, when I am stuck, you can find me watching this channel, hour after hour and always being engrossed into the story line of the shows.  If you have not participated in this, please make sure you do so, you won't regret it.
4.  Reading---I love to read, and will as long as my eyes and hands cooperate, do this whenever I can.  I sometimes have issues with holding the books, and other times, my vision. so this is not done as often as I would like, but i keep trying.
5.  Law and Order---- Ok, I am addicted, I love it.  I have to say, the old name sake and SVU are the ones I will watch, no matter how many times I have seen them, over and over again.  The Law and Order marathon's on the USA channels are tops with me.
6.  Criminal Minds--- Never watched this show when it first aired, but when I started having to be in bed and needed something to do, I got hooked.  It is an amazing show, and how bad is it to watch Shemar Moore, really!
7.  Sleep---  We all know any time we can get extra sleep, we should do it.  So if I fall asleep, well, so be it.
8.  Phone--- If you have read my blog before you know I live about 3 hours away from from my family and friends.  I usually talk on my phone with someone in my family back home at least a couple of times a week.  I would do it more often, but since my sleep schedule is so backwards from everyone else's we usually connect with facebook or text messages better.  I miss them a whole lot.
9.  My Blog---  you would not know it recently, but I try and do something with my blog as often as I can.  Again, it is one of those things that has to be done if I have no headache, my eyes don't hurt and my pain levels, especially in my hands and arms are not real high.  I know you all understand how hard it is to type and work on a computer when things are not feeling the best.
10.  My Zazzle Store---  I make things on my store when I am bored.  I use it to make a few dollars occasionally to help out the family.  Well, like I said a very few dollars.  lol.  It is still fun, It also lets me make items for awareness and support of those suffering from fibromyalgia.  

Well, there is the Ten on Tuesday for this week.  What are the things you do when you are stuck in your bed or on the couch?   What keeps you sane?  Please let us know and share with the rest of us.  The only way to help each other is to talk about what we go through.

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