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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Uh, oh, feeling dizzy!

I decided today that I wanted to go shopping.  Tired of being stuck in the house.  Thought I was feeling pretty good.  So I live near a huge outlet center that was having huge sales, a plus for me since money is always tight, so that is where I headed with my poor husband in tow.  Well, I should have know when I walked out the door and the heat and humidity hit me like a brick wall, this is so not a good idea, but I just pushed on.  The first store we went I did pretty good, got a few items for my grandson for an amazing price.  Then got in the car and headed to the other side of the outdoor outlet center.  Walking in and out of the stores, in and out of the air conditioning, my body did not seem to want to regulate it's own body temp.  By the third of fourth store my arms were numb and cold, my face bright red and it did not seem like I was sweating or whatever it needs to do to get my body to the right temp.  I get my husband to get the car, don't think I will make it from the store to the car, trying really hard to pretend everything is fine and keep going.  So I go to three more stores at the outlet mall and then head to the local Kmart.  I really need to find shorts for my teen son.  That is the hardest thing in the world to do.  So as I am looking through the shorts I become so dizzy, I have 2 options, pass our or sit down.  So right in the middle of the men's clothing department I sit down on the floor. At this point I have no idea what I am going to do.  My husband is not close by, I don't have my cell phone with me, and here I am on the floor, knowing that standing up is surely not an option.  So I just wait.  Finally my husband comes over and finds me, looks at me and says "what are you doing?".  Of course, I am trying my best to keep my sense of humor and tell him I am checking out what the shorts would like like from a kids point of view.  Sounded good to me, lol.  He helps me stand up and I think I am going to go down again.  I lay my head down in my hands on the cart for a good 2-3 minutes and then start walking.  I had found some shorts for my son, but so much for getting my husband something for Father's day, I had to get out of the store.  I decide I am going to look at nail polish quick.  I have been trying to take care of my nails and wanted to start painting them  I was thinking, I will just stand here and let my husband help pick a color out.  I bend over to look at a color and when I stand up all I remember is my husband grabbing me.  Yup, here we go again.  Well, we grabbed a color and then headed to check out.  We came straight home afterward, blowing the rest of the night.  I laid down and just watched TV and still feel shaky.   The only issue I am having right now is I am not sure if it is the heat and humidity, apparently is was at least 95 today with almost 100% humidity, or was it the new medicine my body is trying to get used to, and just does not seem to want to adjust to.  Was it a combination of both of them?  I guess we won't know, unless it happens again and I can rule one or the other out.   All I know is I hope when I wake up I am feeling better.  I would really like to be able to do something special for my husband for Father's Day, even if the only thing would be to take him out for a meal, or maybe go to the beach.  I am going to do some more research on Nortriptyline to see if I can find anything else out about it.  Maybe it will give me an idea why this happened.  If anyone else out there ever had anything like this happen, please let me know.  Maybe if it has happened to a group of people and we can figure out what was occurring before and during it, we can sorta understand why and maybe figure out how to make sure it does not happen again.   I hope daily for a cure.  I try and stay positive about the whole situation, but sometimes it is harder than it appears.  I truly believe people with chronic illness are some of the strongest people in the world, if they were not, they would never be able to handle the pain and crap we go through.  But I also sometimes ask, How much pain is to much and how much can one person take mentally, physically or emotionally before they crack, then add how it effects us in all three areas everyday and wonder why we are not lying on the floor in a heap all the time.  Please Let me know if have had any of this happen to you and what was going on when it happened.  Believe me when I say, I am blessed to know all of you and to be around such strong people.  You keep me moving forward.  As for now, I must sleep.  Good night, Gentle hugs.

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