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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!!!!

I am so not quietly going to steal this idea from a co-blogger friend of mine.  She did her top ten lists on Tuesdays for quite some time.  It has been a while since she has been blogging due to the crazy business of life, but since I tend to find my self with a bit more time on my hands due to my fibromyalgia, I figured I would try this.  Please add your favorites to the list or throw ideas for future "Ten on Tuesday" lists.

Today I am going to try and start with a rather easy one.

Top 10 Favorite Snacks

  1. Ice Cream: yes, I am an addict and I will admit it. Just be careful and listen to your body.  Some degree of lactose intolerance is suffered by 70% of all adults world wide so there is it is not surprising that many fibro patients have trouble digesting dairy. Also, according to a study in 1998, blood samples were taken from 40 fibro patients and tested against substances found in various foods.  The blood of 25% of these patients demonstrated an immune response to cow dairy products. (
  2. Pretzels: I love pretzels, they are a great quick snack when I really need them. It is even better now that there is so many whole grain options out there.  
  3. Granola Bars: Do you need something sweet, craving chocolate?  These little dandy's can do the trick.  Whole grain, low sugar, low fat and can help with the cravings.  It is awesome the options they have now and are making more with fruit and dark chocolate. Give them a try.  
  4. Peaches: I don't care how I get them, I just want them.  Fresh are of course my absolute favorite but I also always have canned ones in my pantry and also now have found that frozen ones are awesome too.  PS, mix some with your ice cream in a blender and have an awesome milkshake!  Just be careful when purchasing canned peaches, the best would most likely be canned in their own or natural pear juice with no added sugar.
  5. Tuna Fish:  I love to have this when I can.  I honestly would like to have it more, but with making it with mayonnaise it is not the healthiest so I don't eat it to often.  However, tuna is a good source of omega 3 fatty acid which we all need more of.  One thing I do do when I eat this, I put it in a lettuce leaf instead of on bread, sorta make it into a lettuce cup or wrap and it is a bit healthier.  I also chop up celery, carrot, and green or red peppers and add them to the tuna.  It adds some flavor and gives you and added boost of vegetables.  
  6. Watermelon: Thank goodness it is summer and of course, I can only have this on my list over the summer, but what can be better for you, than some red, ripe, sweet watermelon on a hot summer night.  Well, pretty much nothing.  Something else you can do is blend the fruit in a blender and put it through a strainer.  You now have an amazingly refreshing drink. 
  7. Pickles: I love pickles, all kinds of pickles.  My all time favorite is Claussen pickles.  They just hit the spot, especially when you are craving salt and the best thing is, they are good for you, or at least are a whole lot better than grabbing a bag of potato chips.
  8. String Cheese: a fun little treat I always have in my house.  Again, it is important to watch how much you eat of dairy products, like noted in my first snack choice, but cheese also has some protein in it and does help fill you up.
  9. Wheat Thins: whole grain, a bit salty and nutty flavor make these and awesome snack.  Eat them along with string cheese from #8 or even the tuna fish from #5 and you can actually have a decent light meal.
  10. Peanut Butter Cups: this snack is a have one in a while treat.  I would love to say, like I am sure many of you, that I can eat these all the time, but the truth is, I can not.  Many fibro patients suffer from migraines and chocolate is a major trigger for headaches.  It is important to be very moderate about this.  One good thing is that they do now make these with dark chocolate which is to be more heart healthy.  So give you heart a treat once in a blue moon.
Remember, this whole chronic illness thing really sucks and is hard to deal with.  Finding snacks that help you stay charged and keep you moving is important.  Even more so, learn to listen to your body.  Take cues from how you feel after you eat.  If is seems you start to not feel good, or pain increases, isolate each item you ate and remove it from your diet for a couple of weeks and see if makes a change in how you feel.   I really hope to hear what your favorite snacks are, and any ideas you have for upcoming Ten on Tuesday ideas.  Thanks for reading and adding to this.  The more we share, the more we learn : )

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