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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I so need sleep!!!!

Just wanted to check in, and say a quick hi to everyone.  I will not be on here long.  I have now as of the start of this little note, been awake for 33 hours with no sleep.  Why you ask, well I am asking the same question.  I have absolutely no idea, but no matter how hard I have tried, I have not been able to to fall asleep.  I have now taken my meds again tonight in hopes that I can sleep.  I will be praying very hard, as I am sure my husband will be, since If I don't get some sleep soon, it will get scary, lol.  I am not a happy person on low sleep, nor is my body.  It is pretty much revolting against me, however, it is the one not co-operating, so I am thinking I have more to complain about, lol.  I have gotten my voice back for the most part since losing it last weekend for almost 4 days.  The other bit of good news is that I won the "Today's Best Award" for one of my creations in my Zazzle Store.  The link is at the bottom of the page if you want to see the item.  It was one of I believe 46 items chosen out of 1,000's created for this the day on Tuesday as innovative and different.  I was pretty excited.  Now, if I could just get people to buy some more stuff so it can help my family out a bit money wise.  At least it gives me something to do.    Well, I am going to try and sleep.  Hopefully I will not be back on here until tomorrow, but please feel free to leave me as many messages as you want!!!!

Instead of changing everything, see post above for Today's Best Award Item!

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