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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FM Dad Contest

FM Dad Contest

Do you know a Dad or are you a Dad with fibro or have a child you take care of that has Fibro. Are you Fibro Dad of the year? Nominate yourself or the person that deserves the honor, click on the link above for all the information. All entries have to be in by June 12th so make sure you get moving! Good Luck, but remember, anyone dealing with this disease or helping someone with this disease is an angel and a saint. If you can continue to take a breath, smille, laugh, and maintain any sense of normalcy in the amount of pain you are in, or you watch a love one go through it and help keep them smiling, and moving forward, you deserve a pat on the back and a trophy daily. Keep it up people, fight the monster, and keep winning.

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  1. These types of the contest are generally done in which dad needs to take care of their kids like their mother and they show that they are great then their mother. Therefore they keep on doing that.