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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Beautiful Day

First, I must apologize for not being here in quite some time.  I have been extremely tired and just could not muster even the amount of energy needed to type a sentence, let alone some info for my blog.  With that being said, I have to tell you today was an amazing day for me.  I felt almost like my old self, almost.  The weather was beautiful, sun was shining, an awesome breeze coming in off the ocean, everything was clear and the sky was just bright blue.   In the town I live in, today was the annual, Craft Show on the Boardwalk.  Talk about lucking out, they could not have physically created a better day for it.  You could stroll along the boardwalk, and the side streets where the stands were set up, with the breeze flowing around you, keeping you comfortable and letting you take your time to look at every creation you wanted to.  I, of course, did not purchase anything.  I tend to feel sometimes these type of shows are a bit above my price range, then they set the price just a bit higher because of course you are at the beach and everything is higher at the beach.  I do love looking though, taking in the ideas and trying to figure out if I would be able to make the items.  Some of the items I would love to have, and hope to see again at a craft show closer to Christmas, that way maybe I could justify spending the money for it, but probably not.
The other thing that was awesome about today is that I walked for quite sometime, at least two miles, then came home for a little rest and did the grocery shopping.  My husband and I also made dinner together and cleaned up the kitchen, put away clothes from the laundry he did today.  This is the most I have done all week.  It was so nice to go out and just have a good day.  No rushing, no stress, no worry, it was simply just a totally relaxed and amazing day.  Last weekend I had my mom, nieces and nephew here for the holiday and did way to much.  The added stress of making sure I did enough with them and kept them busy and having fun really wore me out and made the last week very challenging for me so to have an easy weekend will be awesome.  I am sore and hurting now, sitting down for more than a few minutes helped me tense up and now I am feeling the pain a bit.  I always hurt the most in my hips and lower back.  I am hoping since I did quite a bit today and was outside alot that I will be able to sleep well and tomorrow when I wake up I will feel good. I guess I will just have to wait and see.  All I know, is even if there is a bit more pain tomorrow, I am extremely thankful for all I got to do today.  I am thankful for having more energy today, for not having a bad flare day and for my husband understanding all I go through and taking his time today so I could enjoy and take in all the stuff I wanted to.  Maybe tomorrow, even if it is not a great day, I can still get to the beach and just sit there and soak up the sun and watch the world go by.  All I know is today was a beautiful day.

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