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Thursday, May 5, 2011

So many questions....

I will never profess to know all the answers, heck, the doctors don't have the answers, how would I?  I can tell you that I will search high and low to find as much info as I possibly can.  One thing I find more useful than anything else is to ask people that have to deal with the same stuff and see what works for them.  You get so many helpful suggestions and you can use as many or as few or even none that you wish.
  Recently I asked a question that most people are a bit iffy about, and for many of us with Fibromyalgia it is a common problem and that is constipation.  It was amazing how many people thanked me for asking the question they were worried about asking and that so many people responded with things that helped them.  I am going to give you a few of those suggestions that I was given.

1 I know there are yoga moves to help relieve constipation (
2. Simple massage, too:
3. Use flax seed meal, sprinkled on food or baked into recipes. There is the added benefit of some Omega-3 and it isn't too high in calories.
4 Lie on a Shakti mat every night (it's also called 'Bed of Nails', 'yantra mat', 'chi mat' etc, on my back and stomach. When I have time I also sit on my butt, which actually stimulates bowel movements!
5. Liquorice is a laxative; you can drink herbal tea with liquorice root in it.

I have not had a chance to try any yet.  The one I feel will be the hardest for me will be the liquorice root one since I really dislike, may I say hate, the flavor, smell and almost everything about it.  I am anxious to try the stuff that does not really cost anything since money is a bit tight for me right now.    

There are, I am sure, hundreds of questions like this one that people would love to ask everyday.  Don't be afraid to do it.  Ask them here.  If I don't have an answer, I will research it for you, ask other people or hopefully others will see it on here and chime in.  If you have any thing that works with you in regards to constipation please let us know.  You never know if you will be helping someone else, and that is what this is all about.  

Please remember you are not alone.  There are so many people out there that have good days and bad days, who's pain mimics yours, who on a daily basis can relate to what you go through.  Use them to help support you.  This is the one way we can all get through what has been handed to us.  Another thing to remember is to take it a day at a time.  You will get mad, frustrated, sad, angry, exhausted, depressed, overwhelmed, lonely, and so much more.  Don't think it is how you have to live, you can be happy, celebrate the little things.  Be happy you got out of bed and made dinner, thankful for the friend that came over, excited about a good feeling day.  Enjoy the sun when you can and no matter how little you accomplished, remember, you accomplished something and that is all that is important.  

If you would like to join an amazing forum that I just recently found that gives me a few more smiles and a bit of air under my wings I invite you to go to
This was started by a female with Fibromyalgia, but is for anyone with a chronic illness and has many different groups and all sorts of info.  Facebook also has some good pages for fibro-awareness like fibrofighters, fibromyalgia mom and dashing fibromyalgia.  The more support you have, the easier it is, and just knowing there is someone out there and somewhere you can go, even if it is to type a ranting message to feel better these people along with myself will understand and welcome you to do so.  
  Thanks again for checking out my blog, if you enjoy it, please follow me.  If you have a blog, let me know, I like to keep up with others.  Take care my friends, take it one step at a time, and smile, laugh and love, it will make you feel better.  

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