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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The sandman forgot me.....

Well here is the deal, I think for some reason I have been taken off the sandman's nightly round list. I am not sure why? I do not believe for any reason I have done anything at all to upset him in any way. I am not even sure if that is possible, but for some crazy reason he only occasionally stops by my person to leave me a good night's sleep. He comes to my house, that I know. My husband sleeps just fine, my teen, albeit a strange sleep pattern, sleeps fine, but for me, what the heck. Does this happen at your house. Are you the one that he misses? While everyone else is sleeping soundly, with quiet snores or whimpers, are you sitting there waiting for him to fly by and sprinkle some dust on you. I guess I should be happy for at least the small amount of sleep I get. The fatigue is just so overwhelming some days. I wish I knew a way to become more friendly with this mystical sandman. Knowing that sleep is something that eludes me makes me weary in more ways then one. Is there a mystical creature out there that helps us? What are the secrets to getting better sleep. I know right now on my 3 hours sleep I am not all together but in all honesty, I am willing to try just about anything, even if it means relying on a mystical creature. So for now, since this post is sorta rambling and probably make little sense except to those with fibro, I am going to close it. One last thing, Mr sandman bring me a dream!!!!

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