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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Motion Sickness

So for the first time, today as I was driving to get my stuff done, I had the worst case of car sickness.  I have never been one of those care people.  I don't mind being in a car, but I am not a person that likes having to drive an extended length and where I live now, nothing is close so I find myself having to do just that.  So as I drive today, a small wave of nausea hits me.  I am at this point only in my car for about 10 minutes.  I have nothing done yet, and my son is at school and I have to pick him up.  So like with everything else, I trudge on hoping it was just a freak incident and it will go away.  I get to the school and just try and relax.  I closed my eyes and waited for my son.  The moment I started to drive it started again.  I grabbed a piece of gum and prayed it would help.  Lets just say, prayer was probably the only thing that saved me today.  The nausea was so incredibly horrible, and the further i went, the worse it got.  I have to tell you I am not liking it at all.  I hope it is just my body adjusting to the new medicine and a passing side effect.  It takes 15 minutes to get to my son's school.  It takes 10 minutes to get to the grocery store.  It is at least 25 minutes to get to the closest Walmart/Kmart type store and about the same to the closest shopping area/mall.  I do not have an option other than online shopping and I don't see that as an choice to get everyday items.  I will be a total disaster if driving becomes extremely difficult for me, or makes me feel ill.  I am stuck in the house often enough, when I am able to, I do not want to have something like motion sickness holding me back.  I guess it could be worse.  I could have actually vomited and have to deal with that.  I had to get my meds and get my son to the doctors.  The reality is my husband has to work, no matter how bad I feel some days I still have to do stuff.  So here is hoping I don't have to deal with this on long term, but if for some  reason I do, I am going to be prepared and learn to deal with it, just like everything else.  Have a great day and I pray each day you have less pain.

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