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Friday, May 6, 2011

Just never a dull moment,h

   I wake up this morning expecting to get ready to go get my car registration transferred and grab a few items at the grocery store.  My husband had the day off work so I knew even though I was not feeling all that great we could get it all done and maybe even get the house together for when my cousin and her daughter would get here tonight. Man, was that dream send crashing in about 10 seconds flat!
    My husband called me on his way to pick up my son from school and said he finally realized why his back was hurting.  He had another kidney stone. UH-OH! My husband, knock on wood, very seldom gets sick or has pain and even if he does, he does not complain, stay home from work, act sick or even slow down. I really lucked out with him, but the kidney stone thing, that would put down an elephant. He came home and we started the ritual, lots of fluid, some meds and prayer. Well within about an hour the pain was just horrible and we had to head somewhere for help .Of course being new to the area and him not getting sick, he does not yet have a family doctor.  So we go to one of those great new Urgent Care Centers hoping to avoid the craziness of the hospital ER.
    We walk into the Urgent Care Center and check in only to find out they do not take insurance at all.  They need payment at the end of service.  By now my husband is in severe pain and the closest hospital is an hour away, what can we do.  We go through the whole ordeal and 6 hours later and almost $500 we walk out of the Center with 2 prescriptions and a man in much less pain, but still a proud owner of a kidney stone.  
   It just so amazes me, how do you expect people without insurance and low incomes that of course are just above the level for state or federal medical assistance to get help.  We are lucky to not be poor, but we live very much paycheck to paycheck and that just blew us out of the water.  We can of course hopefully get reimbursed by insurance if they allow it.  We have a huge deductible before complete coverage kicks in.  On top of that, the registrations on our cars will need to wait, so will the groceries.  But all in all I guess it could have been much worse.
   Then there is the other thought.  What if I was having a horrible flare day?  What if I was incapable of driving and getting him to the Center?  We live in a new city, 3 hours away from family and don't know anyone living close to us.  Of course my husband knows people he works with, but with him off of work, that meant the 5 other people he works with were at work.  Also, the only other person close by is about an hour away and had shoulder surgery and can not drive yet.  I am sure she would have sent one of her family members, but would it just have been better to call the ambulance, or would have been more money?   It sorta scares me I have to admit.  I live in an area that over the winter becomes like a ghost town.  In the summer it is much busier.  What happens if I get really ill over the winter and need help, and still don't know anyone?  How do you find help in your area?  Is there anyone out there in my situation or similar that has any ideas?  What do you do if your spouse, partner, family member or whomever you rely on for help would suddenly get ill or injured and might night be able to help?  Do you have things in place to make sure things are covered and taken care of?    
   I can honestly say, even though my husband may not always understand the extent of my pain, he has always been there to do the extra's.  Even when I complain because it is not exactly the way I like it, lol.  He is amazing.  I have learned to also not be so anal about stuff.  But I still get upset about not being able to do all I used to, and even more, who is going to help if something happens to my husband and I am unable to keep up.  My son is old enough to help, but I want him to concentrate on his education and not have to worry about the other stuff.  He, of course, should always help, but not have to have the worry too.  He has always helped to take care of me since I have had trouble and been diagnosed, but I hate it.  I don't want any more pressure on him than should be.
  So I guess the question is, How do you do it and what do you do?  Is there a way to make sure things are in place to protect things or do you just have to roll with the punches?    What do you all think and what ideas or things are you using?  Let us know

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