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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eating Right

Food is a huge part of everyday for every person. It is hard for every person to eat the right kind of food, and to eat "healthy". Add the fact that in order to prepare a meal it takes energy, energy which you may not have, you realize, eating "healthy" and fibromyalgia may not actually go together in your mind. It is, however, really important for you to eat properly. The really good news is that according to many of the things you read about what to eat for Fibro patients is the most basic form of the food. A complete raw food diet is not necessary but as with almost anything, avoiding highly processed foods is definitely recommended. They also state that avoiding such foods may also help lower pain levels. Eating foods in their natural states is also a whole lot easier for many of us. Is it not easier to grab a quick salad, then it is to actually cook a meal. Is it easier to grab an apple, then to dole out some potato chips. As with everything else you should always speak with your doctor before you change anything that you are doing. I am definitely not a doctor but am searching like all of us, for anything that will not only help with pain, but make things easier. Here is a link I found very informative and it also has a number of other links available right on the same page. Again, if there is anything you found that works for you, please pass it along to us. Anything that helps would be greatly appreciaated by all of us. Take care for now.

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