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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weather or Not!

Ok, so we are to get horrible thunder storms today.  I wish they would just come.  My legs are so jumpy I can hardly keep them still, and my shoulders and neck are just so achy and painful to the touch.  I totally hate when the weather changes.  I have a headache on top of a headache and feel like my eyes are gonna pop out of my head and of course that always brings on the nausea.  Trying to sleep with the headache is like trying to lay my head down on a pillow of nails, even after taking the meds I am suppose to take and extra ibuprofen.
So to make things work I am sitting on this dumb computer because I am tired of being by myself and feel like this is sometimes my only friend.  I am sure some of you understand that, especially the days you are stuck in a single place and all I can say is thank goodness for the person who invented the laptop.  Now if only he could figure out how I can use it without adding to the pain I have most days, or even better cure this stupid "disease".
Could not sleep at all last night, so I spent most of the night reading through fellow Fibro blogs and info they have on them.  So how many of you out there have totally given up soda?  Chocolate?  Sugar substitutes?  I have to say all of this was told of me a long time ago, my major issue I live on diet pepsi.  Yeah I know, I hear you all gasping.  I also drink iced tea sweetened with splenda.  I can tell you two weeks ago I tried not drinking any soda and I believe my major relapse was due to that.  As far as chocolate,  I thought that was a major food group, lol., along with peanut butter, which is apparently another possible no-no (peanuts anyhow).  I totally try to eat good for me, but sometimes these things just comfort me.
I am a diabetic and diet controlled so you know I don't just live on chocolate, peanut butter, and diet soda.  I have a very hard time eating meat of any kind, at least in any amount over a couple of bites.  I don't do well with pasta or bread.  This all stems from the fact that I had my stomach stapled in 2002 and to this day if I eat to much I will vomit, so the whole surgery did what it was supposed to do.  I love vegetables, soups and fruits but they don't always like me.  So as you see I am in a quandary.  So I am asking all of you, what do you eat, what are some of your go to foods or recipes when you are feeling like crap or simply need a pick me up?  Does diet soda affect you?  How about Chocolate?  HELP!!!!!
Now I am going to take a nap hopefully.  My head is just at explosion point and since I have allergic reactions to all major pain killers except morphine and I just can't imagine the doctor letting me have that at home I will pray I can gently lay down my head and sleep.  I hope to hear from you.

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  1. Kelly, thank you for visiting my blog. Thought I'd return the favor! I'm sorry about your constant headache. bummer! I found that after my gastric surgery, that took care of my chocolate addiction. I get violently ill now if I take in too much chocolate. I have NO idea why!!! It's a pleasure to know you! Keep in touch!